Hiking the Rainbow Falls Trail

Below are some of the images from my recent trip to the Smoky Mountains National Park. It kind of amazes me that I took all of these images from just hiking on one trail and they are all from LeConte Creek. I actually visited this trail on two separate occasions both days were bitterly cold. The first day I only got about a half mile before setting up my tripod and camera. I spent a couple of hours just shooting one area! The next day I hiked all the way to Rainbow Falls which is about a 2.6 mile hike one way. Not being from the area and never really hiking in the Smoky Mountains before I was a bit surprised at how difficult this hike ended up being. The trail was snow and ice covered and uphill all the way to the falls which made hiking with camera equipment a bit of a challenge, but luckily I had just bought a MeFOTO tripod that only weighs about 5lbs. This was much lighter than my old one that was an aluminum monster and felt like it weighed about a ton! I was pretty wiped by the time I reached the falls but the view was definitely worth it.

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Rainbow Falls
LeConte Creek
LeConte Creek
Blue Waterfall